Associated General Contractors of America

The Arizona Chapter of the Associated General Contractors of America, Inc. serves as a leading voice for the construction industry in Arizona, advocating for policies that promote growth, innovation, and sustainability within the sector. Through collaboration, education, and networking opportunities, the chapter supports contractors in navigating challenges, fostering professional development, and driving excellence in construction practices statewide.

Arizona Builders Alliance

The Arizona Builders Alliance (ABA) is dedicated to advancing the construction industry in Arizona by providing advocacy, education, and networking opportunities for its members. Through training programs, legislative initiatives, and collaborative efforts, ABA strives to foster a thriving and sustainable construction sector while promoting safety, professionalism, and excellence in construction practices throughout the state.

Attached as American Subcontractors Association

The American Subcontractors Association (ASA) is committed to representing the interests of subcontractors in the construction industry across the United States. ASA works to advocate for fair and equitable treatment of subcontractors, provide education and resources to enhance business practices, and foster networking opportunities for members. Through its efforts, ASA aims to promote the success and viability of subcontractors within the construction sector while advocating for policies that support their interests and contributions to the industry.

Arizona Landscape Contractors Association

The Arizona Landscape Contractors Association (ALCA) is dedicated to promoting excellence and professionalism within the landscape industry in Arizona. ALCA provides education, certification programs, and networking opportunities for its members, fostering collaboration and growth within the industry. Additionally, the association advocates for sustainable landscaping practices and serves as a resource for both professionals and consumers seeking high-quality landscape services in the state.

Arizona Roofing Contractors Association

ARCA is a statewide group that fulfills the needs and unites contractors in the roofing industry in Arizona. Representatives from the Central Arizona Roofing Contractors Association and the Tucson Roofing Contractors Association joined together to form the Arizona Roofing Contractors Association, a non-profit trade association that has been serving the roofing industry in Arizona ever since. One of the largest subcontractor trade associations in Arizona, with over 250 members throughout the state. We are involved in all facets of the roofing industry, assisting our members and working to protect the integrity of the roofing industry.

Fleet Pros

The FleetPros' Arizona Chapter was established in 1985 and has an active and growing membership. The Arizona Chapter conducts three to four meetings a year with a focus on education, networking, mentorship, and leadership. FleetPros members and prospective members have the opportunity to meet frequently with other fleet professionals to exchange ideas and find solutions to common problems. The Arizona Chapter rotates the quarterly meetings throughout the state so more fleets can participate locally. The Chapter also hosts a vendor appreciation event every two years.