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Isuzu Landscape Dump


Isuzu Chipper Dump


Isuzu Dovetail Truck


Our clients always ask for an Isuzu truck body design that suits their needs. From being able to accommodate all of their equipment to being able to carry heavy loads of material. For that reason, we have multiple body manufacturers that work with us to design the right truck body for each individual client.

We do make it a habit to always keep a couple of our top selling landscape trucks upfitted and ready for delivery. So take a look, and If you don’t find what you are looking for on our website, make sure to contact us and speak to one of our commercial and fleet sales managers. They all have decades of experience when it comes to commercial vehicles.

If you have a request for a special build, call us today. Our commercial truck specialists are ready to help.

Want so see what we can build for you? Click HERE and check out our Gallery page.


See all of our “Ready for delivery” trucks below. (These trucks have been upfitted and are sitting on our lot to be sold.)