Get more for your 2004 or older Diesel engine Isuzu trucks when you trade them in at Courtesy Isuzu Truck Center in Phoenix, AZ.

California Emission Regulations


Effective January 1, 2020, the State of California will no longer permit certain diesel powered vehicles (with minor exceptions) to be operated on California roadways. To enforce these regulations, the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) will not register vehicles that are out of compliance.

All Class 4–6 diesel-powered vehicles (14,001–26,000 GVWR) will be required to have a 2004 or newer engine model year.

All Class 7–8 diesel-powered vehicles (greater than 26,000 GVWR) will be required to have a 2000 or newer engine model year.

Additionally, vehicles that are not compliant with the California regulations may have reduced resale value since they will not be able to be registered in California after January 1, 2020.

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What this means to you!

If you own one of the vehicles in the shaded boxes above, you must replace your vehicle(s) now or at least prior to January 1, 2020. Isuzu has a full range of new EPA compliant vehicles in Classes 4–6. Isuzu vehicles are built with state-of-the-art technology that complies with all US EPA and California emissions requirements.

Even if you have a Class 7 vehicle, you may want to consider an Isuzu Class 6 FTR! The 2020 Isuzu FTR is built with the legendary Isuzu high-torque 4H1-TC engine that is lighter and teamed up with an Allison 6-speed double overdrive transmission. You may see up to a 30% increase in fuel economy over your present vehicle.

Isuzu offers a variety of GVWRs and wheelbases that can accommodate up to 30-foot bodies and most applications. The full line of Isuzu commercial vehicles can be viewed HERETip: When you get to the homepage, scroll down and you will find the “ISUZU LINEUP” below the fold. 

We encourage you to contact Courtesy Isuzu Truck Center soon so we can work together on a replacement program that best fits your transportation and financing requirements.